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Broken Adonis

The Voice Behind the Facade

Terrance Lively
1 July
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Update will come soon. Until then, just ask me what you want to know.
abercrombie, abs, absynthe, alanis morrissette, alfa romeo, angelina jolie, ani difranco, anne rice, architecture, aston martin, audi, battlestar galactica, bauhaus, being nasty, biting my lip, bmw, boys, boys kissing, brad pitt, breuer, calvin klein, candlelit baths, catholicism, cats, charles dickens, charlotte perriand, christopher rice, closeted boys seeking release, cooking, crackling fires, crawfish, csi, dancing in the rain, david beckham, david bowie, debbie travis' facelift, desperate housewives, dolly parton, duncan shiek, dwell magazine, eames, eileen gray, ellen degeneres, fiona apple, flipflops, foggy and gray nights, foreign language love poems, gael garcia bernal, gay rights, gehry, george michael, graham colton band, green day, grilling, habitat, hammocks, happy trails, heavily tattooed skinny hotties, hermes, hollister, hot guys, howie day, ice, intelligent people, interior design, jacobsen, jagermeister, jamie bamber, jamie oliver, jason mraz, jim grimsley, jim verraros, joel derfner, jude law, kirk read, kissing deep and hard, kissing guys, land rover, le corbusier, lip piercings, lobster, london, love, madonna, margaret cho, maserati, michelob ultra, mirrors, mitchell gold, modernism, movies, neckties, new orleans, nigella lawson, nighttime walks, nip/tuck, orange, painting, palm trees, pasta, peugeot, photography, poetry, politics, prada, prague, pretty boys, pugs, queer as folk, reading, robbie williams, rothko, rufus wainwright, saab, saarinen, sailing, san pellegrino, scissor sisters, september, sex and the city, sex in the kitchen, sheryl crow, sleeping with lights on, sound of broken glass, star trek, stargate, steamy showers with friends, sunsets, surfing, swimming, tanned bodies, tea, the advocate, thunderstorms, underwear, van der rohe, van gogh, volvo, walking barefoot on sand, wegner, will and grace, wine